Suffering From “booster jab” Consequences? 74-Year Old Retired Teacher Says You Need To Do This…

By Graham, Seattle WA,

Published 2 days ago

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"At 74, my memory's never been sharper, and my energy levels are through the roof!"

It's a well known fact that as we age, our cognitive functions begin to wane.

But that does not mean we should accept it as it is!

Without taking action, this decline can lead to decreased brain cell activity and a noticeable dip in memory retention and mental sharpness, making everyday tasks a bit more challenging.

"It all started when I started approaching my 70's..."

Ever found yourself in these frustrating situations?

"Where did I leave my glasses?"

"What was the name of that movie again?"

"Why can't I remember where I put my phone?"

These moments can leave us feeling embarrassed and shake our confidence.

"I've noticed my mind wasn't as quick as it used to be, dimming like a once bright light, my thoughts becoming increasingly foggy...

...leading to countless 'senior moments' I found humiliating.

Reaching critical point

Forgetting small daily details was one thing, but when I missed my wedding anniversary, I knew It was time for a serious change.

I could not accept living the rest of my life with only “half” of my brain functioning.

The search began...

I sought something that could boost my memory and energy.

I've researched and ordered most popular supplements I could find: lion’s mane, ashwagandha, mushroom blends, gingko, rhodiola, vitamin D and B6, fish oil, ginger... the list goes on!

After trying 10's of different supplements I realized that...

I gave it a fair share of time. But after 6+ months I've realised that my memory and brain isn't actually improving... The only thing that's changed was the balance on my bank account got thinner!

After spending $500+ on popular pills, doubts really started kicking in whether any solution to my struggles exists.

Until one day I watched Eric Berg's video about Methylene Blue...

Despite my initial skepticism, I was intrigued by interesting methylene blue effects on our brain and mitochondrial health. It sounded unlike anything else.

And after already having spent a fortune on supplements which didn't work at this time, I decided to give it a go.

Unlike other cognitive aids that often overpromise and don’t actually deliver, Healthletic's methylene blue drops have been a true revelation.

My family was skeptical at first, but...

After witnessing my transformation, they're all keen to try it for themselves!

Healthletic's methylene blue drops are not just about sharper memory and clearer thought processes but also about energizing my body without the common drawbacks of other supplements or stimulants.

Pure Methylene Blue can be hard to find...

While it's always wise to consult with a healthcare provider...

Healthletic stands out with its USP Pharmaceutical grade purity, extensive third-party lab testing for safety, and heavy metal-free guarantee, making it a top pick for anyone looking to enhance their mental acuity.

What people around the world say


🇦🇺 Australia • Age 68

3 days ago

Excellent product!
Heres a safer option (no side effects!) than a red bull. I have had a lifetime of lethargy from ME…
So, for me to do a bit of regular gym workx, to keep ye old bod going, I often need an energy hit that get the fog lifted enough (for co-ordination) and the body responsive, not struggling for oxygen to do it…
Methylene blue gives me noticeable results, makes it easier, so I have gone from “maintenance exercise” to beginning to “achieve” unexpected results.
I’m now not working out and having the old dears laugh at me for making them look good 🤣. I’m not compulsively yawning…!

It lasts me about 4hrs.
I will be a regular with this, its a top product!

Hint: make sure the water you use is CLEAN.
I choose a Berkey water filter.
And look up youtube vids by doctors about how methylene blue can be used with vitamin C (or part of it)… very interesting stuff! 👍🏻💙

Cheers, from KT in Australia 🇦🇺


🇺🇸 United States • Age 46

23 days ago

This is rocket fuel. Maybe I am too sensitive to this, but taking just 5 drops made me feel soo energized! So far its been very potent for me. thanks healthletic!


🇩🇪 Germany • Age 51

3 days ago

Was sceptical but after doing some research I found there were many scientists and physicians that confirm the health benefits of Methylene Blue. I started with just a few drops in the morning in a small glass of water. Put a straw to the back of my throat and swallowed without touching my teeth. A little bitter but not terrible. The effect was subtle but noticeable. Almost like a light came on. There was for me a slight clarity of mind and an enhanced ability to focus.

Ultimate Methylene Blue 1%


I’ve also noticed tons of genuine comments under their Facebook posts sharing their stories about methylene blue

And to my surprise Methylene Blue is really backed by clinical trial data

After more digging, I’ve been able to find real, human clinical trials testing methylene blue on elderly patients. The results were surprisingly intriguing.

UPDATE! Week 12: Surpassing expectations

Because so many readers asked, I've decided to update my experience with methylene blue here.

My cognitive abilities are at their peak, with significant improvements in memory recall and processing speed. The usual minor annoyances are no longer problematic.

In conclusion, Healthletic has transformed my daily life, enhancing my mood and overall work performance without the downsides of other cognitive enhancers.

Discover the Healthletic difference for yourself – it's a game-changer!


Methylene Blue: Rediscovering 150+ years old remedy and its magical effects on our brain health

A revolutionary supplement powered by scientific evidence

During methylene blue human-trials scientists discovered the following:


Significantly improved cognition for 800+ Alzheimer Disease patients

Link to study


Reduces attention deficits & improves dopamine production

Link to study


Helps mitochondria to produce more energy

Link to study


Aids recovery after brain injury and trauma

Link to study


Reduced depressive symptoms

Link to study


Immediately improves memory capacity

Link to study


Delays skin aging

Link to study


Powerful antioxidant

Link to study


Reduces neuro-inflammation

Link to study

... Methylene blue enhances the functioning of our healthy mitochondria. Since mitochondria are crucial for all bodily functions, this leads to a wide range of remarkable benefits.

Start healing with Methylene Blue

Dr. Sarah K. Parker, MD

As seen in

Frequently asked questions

Is Methylene Blue safe to use?

Methylene Blue has been tested in human trials without any reported adverse effects. It is considered safe at therapeutic doses, which are less than 2 mg/kg—approximately 140 mg for a 70 kg individual. 

Recent trials involving over 2800 participants have indicated that Methylene Blue can significantly enhance cognitive function and decrease brain atrophy. No adverse effects were reported in these studies.

First study

Second study

Third study

Fourth study

The most beneficial dosage appears to be within the range of 8-30 mg daily.

Does Methylene Blue contain heavy metals?

Only poor quality and purity Methylene Blue can contain heavy metals. We ensure the safety of our product by conducting continuous third-party laboratory tests on our batches.

You can see our lab test results certificate in the product photo gallery.

How should Methylene Blue be used?

A common and research-backed method of using Methylene Blue is as follows:

  • Start with 5 drops on the first day to test your body's reaction (equivalent to a 2.5 mg dose).
  • If well-tolerated, try 10 drops (a 5 mg dose) the next day.
  • Continue with a daily intake of 20-40 drops, taking a two-day break each week (this equates to a 10-20 mg daily dose).

Please remember that the optimal dose may vary from person to person. If you experience any adverse effects, do not increase the dosage. Start with a low dose, monitor your body's response, and adjust to find the dose that works best for you.

Will there be customs issues with my order?

We ship globally and have not encountered any customs issues to date. We'll provide updates if the situation changes, but as of now, our products are delivered worldwide without any problems.