A glimpse into Healthletic’s partner program

My name is David, the founder of Healthletic.

It's fair to say that I'm obsessed with all things health. And transforming Healthletic into a global leader in its field.

Let's explore how we can achieve great things together. I’m passionate about getting to know you better!

Healthletic develops 3rd party tested & science-backed formulas.

Our focus areas:


Physical performance

Cognitive Health

Notice how the title says partner program?

Instead of “influencer” “ambassador” or “affiliate”

There’s a reason for that.

Unlike most, we don't believe in treating partners as temporary "billboards" for our products.

Instead, let’s work together to inspire, educate and create even deeper connection with our audience.

It’s ideal if you are:

Trusted and deeply connected with its followers

Credible over your topics

Expert in health-related niche like: nutrition, fitness, longevity, supplements, human biology

Exclusive Healthletic terms

Receive 30% lifetime comission on every

Receive 30% lifetime

comission on every

customer you refer

Automatic payouts

Track your balance anytime

Personalized referral link

Extra discounts for your followers

Help people improve their health and get paid for doing so.

Predicted payouts over the first 4 months.

Predicted payouts

over the first 4


Table is calculated based on our current shop statistics and data. No speculations.

*Current average order value: ±$55
*Currently 45% of customers subscribe to monthly deliveries

Example: If you refer 50 customers every month, on your 4th month new + recurring commissions would result in $1,691.25 payout.

Going forward to 5th, 6th, and other future months - your payouts would continue to stack up.

Inside snapshot of first month’s commission

Please apply with the short form below. And our team will be in touch.